Rev. Annika

“Don’t Tell God How Big Your Problems Are, Tell Your Problems How Big Your God Is!”

In Reflections on November 14, 2010 at 7:07 pm

I have been reflecting on the words of this blog’s title ever since the message came to me twice last week. First last Sunday, in a powerful sermon given by Rev. Carlos Anderson while he was preaching at Unity in the City in Brookline, MA. Then the words came to me again, sometime during the week, when I saw it on a bumper sticker. This is a simple, yet important statement of how God works miracles in our lives.

I know the power of these words because I learned the hard way. For so many years, I did more complaining to God.  I would tell God all my problems and kind of ask for help. I’m not saying God never answered my prayers, but on some level, I kept God at a distance. Hearing and seeing this phrase this past week, I am remembering that I am learning to face my problems and let my challenges know that God is right by my side.

For instance over the last year, I had been fretting tremendously over my ten year old Ford Focus which had been limping a long. I  worried that I didn’t know how I was going to fix the car or replace it. Then this summer, my mechanic informed me that it was time to look for a newer car.  I feared that I couldn’t afford another car, even a used one. However, I was praying for a new one.  I even had a picture of a new red Honda Fit posted on my vision board. It wasn’t til my car started having more problems, I knew I needed to do something different.

I began facing my fear and somehow changed my attitude to knowing that God would be with me every step of the way from seeking the resources for a new car to finding the right car. So the first step was to find out if I was even eligible for a loan. For myself, I knew I couldn’t just buy a cheap used car. I needed a safe reliable car. My income had been on the low side with getting my ministry up and running; so I was amazed that I was approved for a loan from my local credit union within an hour. OK that would at least get me a decent used car! With this info, I started looking. However, I had never brought a used car by myself. I got a little nervous about where I would find a reputable seller that would help me with a great deal.

When I sat with my concern and connected with my faith, I knew I would be taken care of. While factoring in the depreciation of a new car and seeing all the leased car for sale, I was confident that I would do well with a good used car from a dealer.  As I did my research on the internet and test drove a few cars, l got clearer on the kind of car that I really wanted. I learned that the Nissan Versa was similar to a Honda Fit, yet with a smaller price tag. I almost brought a black 2007 Versa from a dealer near my home, but I hesitated since it was slightly above my loan amount. Then I found a used red Versa at a Nissan dealer  just outside of Boston near where I teach yoga. Ready for this, the car was a 2009 with low mileage and less than the 2007 I had just considered! I had seen  this car listing before, but it really got my attention at this moment because the dealer just dropped the price by $1500.

What a miracle! I drove home my new used car the same day I looked at it. And none to soon, for my old car started making some new clunking noises that day. Oh and I did need just a little higher amount on my loan, but I never expected to find a 2009 in my price range. Buying a newer car allowed me to qualify for lower interest rate with another bank. It is now 2 months later and I am so grateful as my income continues to increase to meet my new expenses with grace and ease. Thank you God!

Rev. Annika with her 2009 Nissan Versa.

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  1. Wow I need to start telling my mountain of student loan debt How big God is cause right now it feels like an overwhelming burden. God is bigger than all $190000. I have heard a lot of people say that look at it as an investment but when I am the one looking at it then it feels overwhelming. So thank you for your story it gave me another outlook on the fact that God is Bigger than my student loans

    • Thank you for your comment. Another thing I find helpful when I am overwhelmed with debt is to say a forgiveness prayer over my bills. It is a way to forgive yourself for any negative feelings you may have as well as your beliefs about lack and limit. My favorite is the Hopopopono prayer:

      You are a divine child of the Universe and despite your financial challenges, nothing can take away your power and connection to the divine to manifest all that you need. Amen.

      Rev. Annika

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