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Here is a testimonial I received recently (8/2010) from a client, Diana who lives in Swampscott, MA after I administered a Pet Healing/Blessing to her new puppy last week:

“Buddy is doing well. I can’t thank you enough. We visited the vet last night for shots and she was so impressed with the change in him. No snarling nor snapping when being examined or lifted up.”

Background: Diana asked me for help with 4 month old Buddy because he was getting upset when picked-up or when someone came near his toys. Diana adopted Buddy from a local shelter about a month ago. She only knew that he came from Virginia and was brought back to the shelter by another adopter. She felt like Buddy had a good nature overall, but something was bothering him.

My Services: I was able to connect with Buddy on a soul level to find out he was in emotional distress over all his transitions and a recent fall off a table. “Protective boundaries” was his first message to me. So I invited Spirit to help heal his stress/trauma and received intuitive guidance to recommend a series of treatments with “Rescue Remedy” to fully integrate Buddy’s trauma. Buddy also showed me a picture of a “white blanket” that he was wanting to define his space. When I shared this info with Diana, she really got that Buddy was finding his transitions challenging. Diana shared with me that Buddy had “thrown-up” on the white blanket a few days before; so her daughter threw the blanket out and got him a different one which was colored brown. I also relayed this info back to Buddy as to what happened to his “white blanket”. I got that Buddy so appreciated of the communication with me. Yes, just like us humans, pets like to be heard and understood!

Thank you Spirit for allowing me to be a channel for healing,
Rev. Annika


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