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Do you want more peace in your home or business? Wouldn’t you want your home or workplace to attract only the highest and best energies to live or work in an environment that feels good to be in? In these times of an over loaded housing market, falling real estate values, …doesn’t it make sense to do all you can to present an environment clear of negative energy to prospective buyers? Read on to find out how a house blessing or space clearing may help you. This is one of my favorite ways to be of service to others. I’m always amazed at the results it brings!   – Blessings, Rev. Annika

Irish House Blessing

“God bless the corners of this house and be the lintel blessed:
and bless the hearth and bless the board and bless each place of rest;
bless each door that opens wide to strangers and to kin;
and bless each crystal windowpane that lets the sunshine in.
And bless the rooftree overhead and every sturdy wall.
The peace of man, the peace of God, the peace of love to all.”

House blessings have been around for a long time. Yet like many things today, house blessing have changed to encompass the demands of modern day living. You may remember when the parish priest/minister came over to your family’s home many years ago; or read stories about shamans and others from long ago, who connected with the land, and worked with the energy in a specific space. House Blessings are still done today by priests and ministers in local churches, though it is not a service that is widely publicized. Interestingly, a new group of practitioners is also now available to offer these blessings and more. Lay people who have studied feng shui  or psychics with spiritual knowledge can provide similar services. Feng shui means “wind & water” and is the ancient science of balancing the elements within the environment. Generally, blessings and space clearings for a new house, business, property or for an already existing home/space are utilized to create a more positive thriving, energetically flowing living/working environment.

Why have a blessing for your home/business?
Our homes have always been regarded as havens, sanctuaries for our families. The home is our castle. Today many Americans spend a lot more time at work. Many folks even have their businesses in their homes. So many influences are entering our homes and businesses through our computers, televisions and even visitors. As a global society, countless hands have already touched most objects we bring into our house or place of work. Our world is a constant flux, a buzz of electricity, radio waves and the energy of everything surrounding us — all of which is created through our thoughts, emotions and actions.

Most people want their home to be their sanctuary but many people cannot always leave the outside energies of world behind. We tend to bring in energies we pick-up from walking on a busy city street, the emotions felt from a customer who yells and the stress from an unfinished “to do” list. One client had unbalanced energies coming into her home where all her outside electric service was connected to her house. She also had a very unhappy and confused relative who had stayed with her for several weeks. It was as if a dark cloud was hung in the room in her home where he stayed.
The good news is that we can also bring good energies into our homes and businesses to counteract the stressful energies. We can bring in a beautiful piece of art or our happy feelings from having experienced a great day. For getting rid of stuck energies, space clearings work at a subtle level to clear negative or stale energies from a house/business. Blessings for a home or space are where we would ask for protection of our sanctuary and bring in more sacred energies. For the client I just mentioned, in clearing the space, I brought in crystals to hold positive vibrations in certain places in the home. I also instructed her on some feng shui tips for keeping energy flowing through her home.

Energy clearings can be done for places of work as well as one’s residence. This can be highly beneficial for workplaces where there are high levels of stress and other tensions. For instance, I have blessed and cleared yoga studios for owners whose intentions were to maintain the highest level of harmonious energies for their growing clientele.

Best times for a house blessing
House blessings, in many religions and cultures are conducted from around the new year till mid spring using a variety of rituals and prayers. I remember when I was growing up that the priest would always come around the first of the year. I always thought it had to do with the new year, but recently I learned it has to do with having the home blessed during the holy days of Christmas that ends with Epiphany on January 6th. Buddhists who celebrate Chinese New Year clear out the old and bless in the new usually later in January. Some Jewish and Christians have their homes blessed during the springtime holy days of Passover and lent. In Native American and Wicca traditions, blessings are done throughout the year. Days that contain stronger energies, a full moon or a feast day, like of St. Brigid’s Day also known as “Candlemas” and Ground Hog’s Day offer the opportunity for a more powerful blessing.

Special occasions, such as moving into a new home, the start of a new business are a perfect time to celebrate and offer a blessing. These can be done anytime. When I was traveling in India, I saw “pujas” (prayer rituals) being done in the early morning at the local marketplaces to welcome the day and bring abundance to one’s business.

House blessing/clearing rituals
Some religions use holy water to bless a space while others employ a bundle of herbs such as “smudge sticks” to clear unwanted energies. Different types of symbols can be used to protect a space, such as crosses in Christian homes or mezuzah posted near front doorways in Jewish homes. There are also many different prayers and readings that can be used. As a minister of peace, my focus is not on any specific religion. My house clearings tend to lean toward ancient shamanic practices, using elements of the natural world, such as smudge sticks, crystals, sacred water and sound vibrations as well as guidance I receive.

Whatever your faith, I can customize a house/office blessing to meet your beliefs and fits your needs. When scheduling a blessing for your home, business or property, I’ll need to ask you a few questions concerning your space to discern what kind of blessing or clearing you need. I then mediate or journey to other realms to get spiritual guidance for what needs to take place to create the highest positive energy in your space. After that, we’ll pick a convenient time to carry out your blessing or clearing. Sometimes, clients can assist me with this process or I’ll receive guidance that there is a something which needs follow-up, such as a feng shui energetic remedy to facilitate the flow of more positive energy in the space.

Here is what clients have experienced from my house blessings/clearings:
“I own a three family house and one of my apartments had been vacant for over two months. After the space/land clearing, Annika said the energy around my property had changed so that now my property would attract more positive people and repel negative ones. Within a few weeks, I had new tenants! The following month, my problematic tenants of ten years, gave me notice of their leaving. I was amazed when I had new tenants with a signed lease in four days! How else can I explain it…what Annika does, really works.” – Jeff F, Boston, MA

“Annika has an incredible gift. We had been trying to sell our house for 2 years, but an oil spill on the property, though cleaned up, made the task difficult. After Annika came in the whole house felt lighter and family members noticed the change. We put the house back on the market while Annika kept us focused with her counseling and intuitive skills. Our house sold within two months as she predicted. – Cari M. N. Andover, MA


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