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581152_10151852602808221_2042540918_nToday is International Day of Peace. I hope you will join me today in honoring this day –for no matter what our beliefs, peace is one of the common threads that create unity between us. We just have to remember that peace is available to us each and every moment.

This is  a day where the focus on peace is for the entire world, yet I believe peace begins with each of us. That’s why I so love the song: Let there Be Peace on Earth (click on the song title for a you tube video with the song.)  Also these words by Lao Tsu, a 6th Century Chinese Philosopher also emphasizes that if we want peace in our world peace must start within our own homes and hearts.

If there is to be peace in the world,
There must be peace in the nations.

If there is to be peace in the nations,
There must be peace in the cities.

If there is to be peace in the cities,
There must be peace between neighbors.

If there is to be peace between neighbors,
There must be peace in the home.

If there is to be peace in the home,
There must be peace in the heart.

One of the simplest ways to find inner peace is through your breath and a smile. Here is a calming poem  by Thich Nhat Hahn.  I have never met Thich Nhat Hahn, yet I consider him one of my spiritual teachers.  His passion for peace, so resonates with me.  I find it amazing how speaking four lines, focusing on a  basic body function and making a sweet facial expression can center me in seconds! Recite these words as you focus on your breath and take a moment to smile:

Breathing in, I calm my body. 
Breathing out, I smile. 
Dwelling in the present moment 
I know this is a wonderful moment.


Peace and Blessings to One and All!


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