Breakthrough Circle

As we move past the half way point of Autumn while the Sun journeys through the sign of Scorpio, the nights are getting longer and we are being pulled inward to find our way through the darkness. This Beaver Full Moon is so named, because it was during this time of year that our Native ancestors hunted for this industrious creature that was comfortable on land and in water. Tonight’s Taurus Full Moon opposes the Sun in Scorpio which asks us to find some sense of balance between earth and water. There has been a lot of emotional intensity in our midst, but it is time to find a way to channel this energy towards breaking down old patterns and taking solid next steps into building something new.

Earthy loving Taurus invites us to slow down and connect to our more instinctual side. Great time to take some time in nature or explore your physical being by getting a massage. As you connect deeper with yourself, reflect on what you value in life? What do you need to feel secure? Notice if any new desires are coming to light. Also watch for what you might want to control. Strong powerful emotions may be rising to the surface — the question is how will you handle them?



Anger and fear need to be acknowledged. Ask nature to help you move through your more uncomfortable emotions to release them. When I get angry, I call on the Warrior Goddess of Egypt, “Sekhmet”. I tell her I am angry and ask her to transform the energy. It is amazing how I feel my energy change when I use this ritual. One minute I am feeling heavy and blocked and then the next I am feeling free and energized. It is okay to keep your process simple such as going for a walk and taking slow purposeful steps. I tight be helpful also tovisualize the emotions that you no longer wish to be holding onto moving out through your feet and being carried away into the earth to be released and transformed.

With Mercury moving past its original retrograde point from October 4th this weekend, you may find there are issues that you were dealing with back then that come up to be dealt with. Also back at the end of April, we had the Taurus New Moon Solar Eclipse which was a time when new seeds got planted. So this Taurus Full Moon is reactivating these energies and inviting you to continue building something new that you were thinking about 6 months ago!

Interesting for me. last April is when I made the decision to move to Kansas City and since I took action to make this change over the summer,  my world has been full of unknowns. I would have to say just in the last week, I felt more empowered to honor what I value and speak my truth which included asking for help in places I was struggling. By acknowledging my challenges and being sharing my true feelings, I am seeing a more positive flow in my everyday life! Wishing you all the courage to breakthrough your old patterns to find a new level of inner security and connection.




Earlier today at 5:57 pm EDT, the dark of the new moon in Scorpio blocked some of the Sun’s rays creating a partial solar eclipse. New moons bring in new cycles of emotional energies yet, tonight’s eclipsing episode offers a disruption of sort to help release what no longer serves us; and in the long run open us up to new perspectives and new ways of being. With the Sun and Moon just entering Scorpio there is something new emerging into our lives, yet we may not be able to recognize it just yet. Feelings may be very intense right as we sense there is a shift taking place that we have no control over. This kind of  change can bring up feelings of fear. However, this is not the time to hold onto the past. Focus on what is good in your life and ask what you need to feel more empowered as we move into the latter part of Fall.

With every new moon, I suggest you take some quiet time to set intentions and goals for the next month. Solar eclipses affects usually last up to 3 months, so I invite you meditate on your desires for the rest of the year and also review what might be in the way of you achieving your dreams. If you need some help in focusing your thoughts reflect on shifts you would like to occur in your relationships. Also if you are having financial concerns review your beliefs around money and what you truly value. Have time to look deeper, this Scorpio solar eclipse is related to eclipses back in October of 1976 and 1995. What was challenging in your life back then? Are there any learning lessons from those years that may help you gain perspective o where you need to grow now?


Rev. Annika in deeper waters

Know that with the planet of communication Mercury, in retrograde for a few more days in Libra, answers and solutions are brewing under the the surface. So let yourself ride the wave of any emotions surfacing…if you feel unclear, give yourself some time to swim in deeper waters. Sit quietly and allow your body and emotions to guide you into what you need now. If that feels like too much, taking a bath to release stress and allow yourself to surrender to a few soothing quiet moments.

Scorpio is a water sign that I think gets such a bad wrap. It’s energies are compared to a deadly insect and also associated with Halloween. Yes, there is a shadowy, mysterious side to the next few weeks, but when one focuses on looking beyond the veils of illusion (not getting caught up in fear), a greater truth emerges —  bringing new light (perspectives) to situations that seemed hopeless. Ultimately, Scorpio energies bring about transformation that can seem almost magical. The key is to walk through the shadows and not control the unknown. It is through the release that one is reborn to something new.

When walking through the ‘valley of shadows,’ remember, a shadow is cast by a Light  – Austin O’Malley

It has been a full month since I have written a post here and all I can say is I have been working through some major life lessons. Lessons that have been taking time away from the things I enjoy… like writing in my blog! So let me get to the astrology news of the day, while I weave what I have been learning these past few weeks to share with you how I have been handling the prevailing energies leading up to today’s full moon lunar eclipse.

Early this morning at 6:51 am EDT, the Full Blood Moon began setting while moving into a Full Lunar Eclipse. I actually got up to see this astronomical sight just when the sun was beginning to rise here in Kansas City. Full Moons generally bring illumination to our world while the added eclipse helps us to transform something that has been hidden. This particular eclipse is connected to a series of eclipses that go back to the Fall of 1995. Its like peeling the layers of the onion…we keep getting experiences that help us get to the core our life lessons. So what skills were you developing back then? What forces seemed to be holding you back? Are you ready to move onto a new lesson?

Back in October of 1995, I was dedicated to my spiritual communities and teaching the larger communities about domestic violence prevention. Being of service was more important to me than taking care of my own personal needs. I gave up a very stressful full time job as a family domestic violence advocate working in a battered women’s shelter to share my spiritual wisdom with the world. Nineteen years later, I am still learning how to balance my personal needs with being of service to my community.

Today I am an ordained interfaith minister and spiritual teacher who has taken on a full time job as a nanny to help pay the bills. I have just made a major move halfway across the country to be closer to family in Kansas. However, while traveling out here somewhere along the way my little kitty picked up some fleas. So for over a month now, I have been cleaning and clearing out parasites from my new apartment. I believe “as within, so without” so I have been contemplating why the need to invite fleas into my life. I am still working through this; however I can share with you some of the shamanic insights I am learning about fleas at the the link I embedded here.

Full moons ask us to balance and integrate what is being illuminated in our lives at the time while the lunar eclipse asks us to shed what no longer serves us. The Aries/Libra Full Moon invites us to find balance in our relationships and to our own inner feminine and masculine side while moving through sudden changes and unexpected events. The moon in Aries can make some hot under the collar, so the ideal for the next few days is to avoid outward drama and follow inner guidance. This is a time to be brave and take risks. Yet with Mercury, the planet of communication, retrograding, it is better to go slow and allow your new passions and projects to unfold. Don’t push the waters, flow with them! As you travel the river of life this week, allow yourself time to release old patterns of limitation and fear.

Since April at the time of the grand cross configuration in the sky, we have been surrounded by energies that have seemed to force us to change and grow. I made the decision back then to make my move to the midwest and it feels like I have been letting go ever since. If you still need help in letting go here is some inspirational music to go inward with:

We are now in Harvest season and over the next month if you have been doing your inner work you will reap great insights and begin moving onto new life lessons. As I like to say, it is all Good! Happy Full Moon Lunar Eclipse with blessings to transform what is hidden and bring forth new ideas that support your highest!


It is truly said that by delving inside, with a quiet intention, and yet an absence of expectation,that you have the best chance to come to a better and more complete connection with of what you are capable, and of who you really are.      – Henry Seltzer, Astrograph Astrology

Today’s Harvest Full Moon rises with the last of the Summer Super Moons. With the moon in Pisces, it maybe hard to pin down what is going on today and tomorrow. It is definitely a night to take stock of what is going on internally. The full reflection of the Virgo Sun on this larger than life moon offers opportunities for deeper insights. Look back to the intentions or projects that you set in motion with the New Moon on August 25th. Check-in with your body and your feelings through your heart about where you are working on getting things in order. The insights coming through may be subtle in nature, but offer healing especially in the area of relationships. Emotions can be intense and be either full of bliss or pain. Some may want to reach for a stiff drink, but know the way through is to feel your emotions and not bury them.

So be easy on yourself for the next couple of days. Find ways to ground your energies and center yourself through your heart. If you or any family members are feeling a lot of emotional chaos here is a great resource on from HeartMath Kids on Facebook. I have mentioned in the past to do some simple breathing exercises and putting your hand over your heart to center yourself. With watery Pisces energy, a relaxing bath with some lavender oils can also be helpful to relax.

This Full Moon is called the Harvest Moon since it is the full Moon before the Autumn Equinox which falls on September 22 this year in the U.S. So now is the time to gather and sort through our experiences from the past year and see how they fit together — a great visualization is to ask your inner guidance to show you a tapestry of your experiences being woven together. Ask what needs letting of of and what is to be part of the fabric, so to speak. A affirmation that goes along with this visualization is:

I collect the harvest of the past season with Joy. I separate the wheat from the chaff of my experiences, letting disappointment and regrets go. I restore myself with Patience and Light. All is well.    -Irma Kay Sawyer, Cosmic Weather (September 2014 Mantra)

This is also a great time to connect with those who you create community with and spend time envisioning what would bring more harmony and peace to your community and the world. If you are looking for more places to connect in for spiritual upliftment: this week the Unity Churches celebrate World Day of Prayer on September 11th and many other religious organizations are getting ready for International Peace Day which falls on September 21.

To honor the Full Moon today, I am going out to explore more of Kansas and hoping to stand in a field of sunflowers. I was guided to move here and I just get so inspired that this part of the country is known as “The Heartland”. To keep inspiring me around this energy, I  found a wonderful TV drama series from Canada called “Heartland. It is about a young girl who is a Horse Whisper of sorts. Last night as I was watching an episode from Season 3, I was so taken by the song, “Why Walk When You Can Fly” sung by Victoria Bank. It is now my new song to go to when I need to find my inner strength to move forward in faith. I hope it will inspire you too during this Full Moon which really is about creating Heaven on Earth!





Last night, as I was driving home from the supermarket, I had a white bird swoop down from the sky and cross at a diagonal about 3 feet front of my windshield. It was kind of a blur, so I don’t know what kind of bird it was. Normally, I would have said a seagull, but I no longer live on the east coast! However, it really didn’t matter, because I knew it was a God-Incident! 

It just so happens at that moment, I was listening to Joel Olsteen’s latest book on CD, “Breakout.  Joel’s writings always get me inspired and help me to remember my connection to God. So what was I taking in as this blur of a bird crossed my sight, you might be wondering….Joel was discussing in Ch. 10 that we all have everything we need to live our purpose and desires. We just have to be open to the Gracious Hand of God!

I have now been in transition for over 2 months as I settle into my new home in the midwest. I have been reflecting on everything that I do and daily ask for guidance on how God would like me to serve. It has not been without its challenges, living moment to moment. Mostly in having the patience to knowing that God has my back especially when the bills are coming due. I just had to borrow money to get through the next few weeks since my new nanny position doesn’t start til next week. It still is not easy for me to ask for help from family and friends. I won’t go into all my learnings about my self worth just now. Yet, I have to say my life is making more sense than it has in a long time. Also, I am so grateful for the guidance and clarity that is coming to me as I make so many new decisions for my life.

One of the questions, I have been contemplating this week is how would it be best for me to grow my wedding officiant ministry here in the Kansas City area. There are different laws for each state and living in Kansas, as an ordained minister i am a legal wedding officiant here. No problem! I also would like to officiate weddings in Missouri since I am a few miles from the border and downtown Kansas City, Mo. However, the the Missouri law statute says I need to have a church in Missouri. I have been talking to other ministers and it seems that no one pays attention to that statute since most Missouri politicians don’t want to get involved in religious matters. So, I don’t have all the answers yet, but I do know the Gracious Hand of God is Upon ME and at work in my life!

Note: To me there are just no coincidences in this world, only “God-incidences”!

2013061523200322832With the New Moon in Virgo arriving this morning, we begin to transition from Summer to Fall here in the Northern Hemisphere. Many folks are focused of the details of new routines like back to school and getting down to business. New Moons offer us  new cycle to begin a new. Today, set your intentions on a project or an area of your life that you need clarity to get moving. The practical grounded energy of  Virgo offers us details  for problem solving — to fix what is broken, to get out of a rut, or bring more order to a situation.

If you have been frustrated by a difficult circumstance this past week or feeling like you are being squeezed between a rock and a hard place…take time for some self reflection over the next couple of days. Despite the outward challenges, this is a prime time to find peace away from the chaos. Listen for inner messages of what needs letting go of — what is not working and  then focus on how you love to serve in this world. By slowing down now, clarity will be offered up on where you need to focus your priorities —  concentrate your efforts so you can heal what has been holding you back. If you do, new doors will begin to open and you will begin to move forward with a solid sure footing.

For myself, I have been very busy the last 2 months creating a whole new life here in the midwest. There have been so many lessons on being in the moment and listening for what feels right for me. It has been has such a surprise to see how quickly the tides have changed my thinking. The good news, I have never been happier with the choices that I am now making. However my decisions have not been without some challenges. Two weeks ago I accepted a nanny position that doesn’t start til after Labor Day. Intuitively, I have known since I read the ad for this position about a month ago, that this was the right family for me to be working with. The immediate challenge with has been looming over my head the past 2 weeks is how do I get my bills paid for the next few weeks since I will not be getting my first paycheck til mid Sept.

Knowing I do not need to do this alone, I reached out first for spiritual guidance. Interesting, a new spiritual mentor for me suggested, I was being given some downtime to integrate all the changes I have been going through with my big move and all. That advice was not going to help the bills paid, but I knew I needed to slow down. I have been so focused on getting settled that I had not given myself time to really let go of some emotions that have been brewing underneath the surface. So during the last week between working a few babysitting gigs, I have been grieving and really letting go of all that I left behind in Massachusetts. Not only dear family and friends, but releasing old patterns of thoughts that literally been making me sick for and holding me back on so many levels.

Even though my physical ailments are still with me and I still do not have all the solutions in hand to take care of my finances, today I feel lighter and freer. I have greater faith that all is well and that I am creating anew! I had been afraid that I was making some of the same mistakes that I made before, but now feel more confident that I am putting down solid roots here in the midwest. I do not exactly how my life will enfold… I had grand dreams over the last 10 years for building my ministry in the Boston area…. yet for right now, the inner messages, I have been receiving is is to live my ministry through my everyday life! So blessings to all of you for balance of body and spirit as you move through life with both light and sure footedness steps!!



true power of the sun

Today’s Super Moon is the biggest and brightest of 2014 due to it’s closest orbit to the earth. As the heart centered Leo Sun shines upon this truth telling Aquarius Moon are you seeing what is being illuminated in your own life? To give you a hint: Do you feel like you are in the flow of life? Astrologically speaking, new chapters have been opening in our lives, but over the past few weeks there may have been a few roadblocks put in your path! No worries though, now is a time to reflect on gaining a bigger perspective on how you are using your heart and your mind to keep moving forward.

If you find that you have been so focused on the details of what you desire by using your mind to figure it out, take time to connect deeper with yourself and your inner truth. I like to close my eyes, put my hands on my heart and ask the part of me that knows the highest and best for me — some would call this one’s higher self, the soul or even a part of us that is connected to a larger flow of consciousness. If you have been somewhat emotional over what is happening in your life, give yourself some space to let go and open up your mind to new insights. The energies of this Full Moon can be compared to a summer storm. Along with the fast moving pelts of rain, there are unexpected bursts of light in the skies and breezes that sweep through the air bringing a break to the steamy hot weather. A breath of hope so to speak!

So if you have been slowed down this past week or so, you may want to explore if you are expressing your ideals and creating new relationships, projects, ect that will hold up for the long term. Are you looking out only for your own self interests or doing your best to balance the needs of a group that you may be a part of? Use the light of the moon to face your challenges.  Rise above the drama and look to heal what is “inflamed” in your life. Take a risk to expand beyond your comfort zone. Reach out to others to get a new perspective. New technologies may bring answers.  Know what has been tried and true may no longer serve you. Time to readjust and do things differently especially if you are blocked. The path of freedom is before you –open to it with love in your heart. Be compassionate toward your pain. Accept where you are and do your best to keep moving forward in expressing what brings you joy!