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The longest night of the year is happening right now along  with the dark of the new Capricorn moon; yet it is a turning point — one filled with exciting potential! As with all new moons, it is a time to set new intentions.  Tonight however, reflect not only what you want for the next month, but the whole coming year! For the New Moon takes place at 8:36 pm EST about two and half hours after the Winter Solstice.

Besides the Sun and Moon in Capricorn, the planet Venus, Mercury and the dwarf planet Pluto are all so in this structure loving earth sign. The challenge is not to get too bogged down in the material world.  Yes, do focus on your goals and map out a long term plan. If you are feeling stuck look to the power of love to transform what is not working in your life. I know that may sound  “airy fairy” to some, but Venus, the planet that represent love and is also known by many scholars as the Christmas star is in a very powerful position in the sky right now. So go into the stillness of this darkest night of the year, call on the power of the love and listen to what your heart has to say.

If you don’t believe your heart can speak to you, I urge you to look into HeartMath research later. For now I invite you to use the power of your imagination. First, reflect on what you desire for the coming year and imagine that from your heart, a beautiful golden light is growing within you. As you breath in and out, see this energy expanding throughout your body. Let it move through you gently hugging every part of you.  Feel the warmth of this glowing light in every cell of your body. I like to imagine all my cells doing a kind of happy dance! Once your feel filled up with love begin  to extend it beyond yourself — send it out to your family, friends, your community and the world. Know your love is being of service. It is healing and helping people, places and situations to be their best. When you feel complete with sending your heart energies outward, once again focus on your heart and breath your heart energies close to you, knowing your love is always available to you — to guide you to the highest outcomes. To me, this is what we are here to remember….even in the darkest of times, there is a shining light to be found in everyone and every situation! So I invite you to take time to connect with your own inner light (love) tonight. To help you reflect on this special winter’s night light, I bid you Winter Solstice blessings with this poem:

Winter’s Sun

by Azmat Naushad Asif

There is something about the winter’s sun,
That aspires hope after struggle
The wait for tomorrow after
long cold shivering nights;
is the optimism attached
to the winter’s sun.

There is something about the winter’s sun.
The Florescence of the beaming rays
the calmness of the flowing sunshine:
convinces me about the warmth,
of the winter’s sun

There is something about the winter’s sun.
The tender hugging of the sunbeams
on the exposed numb body:
confirms about the comfort provided
by the winter’s sun

There is something about the winter’s sun.
Those for whom is the winter’s suffering
the warmth of the sun is also for them.
Relieving them that, a part of the
sunshine belongs to them
Of the winter’s sun.



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Goodbye-2013-hello-2014-wallpaperI, like many people are not sorry to say good-bye to 2013. I know as a spiritual teacher, I often talk about how important it is to be in the moment. Well, in this moment, I see the roller coaster ride that so many of us have been on this past year. And, I just have this feeling that 2014 is going to be more fruitful, especially for those who have been learning to move through their challenges — taking time to celebrate how they have grown, even if there are not physical signs of an outward manifestation of change, just yet. For myself my physical health has been a real challenge and still is, yet I am eating healthier than ever and have opened to receiving more love and support in my life.


I do see that 2014 will be full of new developments. However, I challenge  many of the posts that I have been reading, over the past few days, tooting how glorious 2014 is going to be with a Super New Moon starting off the New Year at 6:14 am EST. Yes, it is true that we have not had a new moon on New Year’s Day in 19 years, so it is auspicious beginning. Also,  a super moon is when a new moon or full moon comes its closest distance to the earth. Energetically then, the moon’s  magnetic pull is going to have more impact on us humans, especially with all the determined, “hill climbing goat” energies  of the five planets  (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto and retrograde Venus) in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is an earth sign, so it will support us in coming up with practical resolutions for the new year!  As with any new moon, aka “the dark of the moon”, this is a time to set new intentions,  to begin anew. And this new moon is super charged, so how can the new year not to start off with a big bang?


from elsaelsa.com

I caution you, my readers to not take too many risks right now. The full configuration of the New Moon chart contains a grand square ( see red lines in inner wheel of chart) hinting that there is some limiting pattern in our life that is causing a lot of tension and if not worked may bring about change through upheaval.  I urge you first to use tomorrow’s grounding energies to center yourself. Even it it is cold outside, go for a walk. Get clear on what are the pillars of your life (what’s working) –that hold you steady. If you are feeling blocked and try to force your way to a different outcome than your breaking free will just cause chaos for yourself and others.  Take time to acknowledge where you need help. Many times when we name what is holding us back, we then can begin to move forward. So the struggle may not be over especially in the areas of relationships and finances. This year, however, will bring a greater sense of faith to those that seek answers from their inner most truth (one’s heart). Meaningful answers will start to manifest that will help clear up issues. New directions and reorganized plans will be shown to those who are willing to see the higher purpose in all situations and to seek out what nurtures one’s heart & soul. If you know your astrology chart, look to where  the new moon and all the Capricorn energies fall –this is the area of your life where you will want to commit some time and set new intentions for this month and the year. (If you are not sure which direction to go in 2014, you may want to consider contacting me for an astrology consultation.)

2014 will still be a year to break free from old patterns, but more positive results will be seen most likely, in the second half of the year. I sense more people will wake up spiritually and come together. People will find the time to reflect on what true freedom means to them on both a personal and more universal level. The key is to have patience — even if at times, you feel like a fool because you don’t know have all the answers. Keep letting go of what does not serve you and live each and every day in a way that renews your life, so that you are putting your best foot forward.

I thank all my readers for following my blog this past year. I wish everyone a Happy New Year —  seeing you enjoying the simple pleasures of life, while honoring your unique purpose for being on this planet. For some inspiration to move into 2014, especially if you found 2013 to be difficult, here is Tom Petty with “I Won’t Back Down”. 

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