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I have much to share with you all, yet I am not sure where to begin. So, I will start with the ending. This is going to be my last astrological post….well, in this format anyway. I have been writing astrology articles for 20 years now; and my intuition is guiding me to change my writing style and topics, so that it will appeal to larger audiences. I, so appreciate my astrology followers, but I have found they are a select few.  I have started working on a whole new blog where I will share much more personal information on how I practice “conscious living” on a daily basis.

As much as I love astrology, lately I’ve had trouble committing to writing my new and full moon posts, so I knew something needed to change. Many of my friends say they enjoy my astrological musing, but I feel like I’ve been more writing these posts for myself — to help me remember my connection to the larger world. I’ve been through a big change this past year, with my move half way across the country. I am starting to get comfortable here in the Kansas City area, but I am seeing that there are a few more changes, I need to make in order to lay a solid foundation, so to speak.



I always find my life experiences, very much, follow the natural cycles of our planet and the skies above. Ahhh, so as I acknowledge my connection to the larger world, I can let go of my focus on learning about it all; and begin to really live my life. Yes, at 54 years of age, I still feel like I have been holding back on fully embracing my life; so the buck stops here, now! That’s where I am at and that’s enough on my personal learnings…to be continued in my new blog. Let’s get back to the energies and cycles of today that helped cultivate all the changes I’ve been making.

Here’s the lowdown on today’s 3 cosmic events. First, the Super New Moon takes place at 5:36 am edt at 29 degrees of Pisces followed with its total solar eclipse at 5:45 am edt. The eclipse will be seen fully only in the North Pole region of our planet, and partially in most of Europe and some parts of Africa. Then 13 hours later, when the Sun moves into Aries, the Spring Equinox takes place in the Northern Hemisphere and the Fall Equinox, in the Southern Hemisphere.

The overall message, of these three same day astrological events is its a time of major endings and new beginnings. A theme that I have been talking about for the whole last year. However, now we are hitting a big climax. I don’t think on a personal level, there will be a lot of shake-ups today. If you are consciously aware, you most likely have learned much from the many challenging energies in our midst over of the last year! I am referring mostly to the conflicting energies of innovative quick moving Uranus that seeks freedom and change for a more unifying world with those of powerful Pluto that has been busy breaking down outworn systems and structures. Together, the 7 passes of Uranus Pluto Square over the last 3 years (this link gives an in-depth look at the dynamics and timing of this planetary aspects) has pushed many of us to our limits and in turn gotten us to look at the deeper meaning of our experiences and take big leaps of faith even though we were shaking in our boots. Sound familiar?



New Moons are a time to set intentions for the next Moon cycle. However, this is our second new moon in Pisces and it falls at the last degree of this dreamy artistic sign that is also the last sign in the astrological year. Much more going on here, but just for this morning, know you may feel a bit sensitive. Don’t fight your feelings. Acknowledge them and listen to your gut reactions. Don’t take others reactions personally. Give yourself space to use your imagination. It is not a time to escape into your dream world, but to expand your consciousness to see what visions want to take root. If you need some help in connecting to the more inspirational higher realms, I invite you to listen to music by Rosalind,”Return Again” or for tapping into your intuition, here’s a magical water gazing ritual to try.

For questions to seek answers to during your reflection time, you may want to review what you have learned since 2012 which is when the battling Uranus/Pluto energies began; or you may want to look back to  the beginning of March 1997 to  see what breakthroughs you were having back then. Pondering this latter date is to support you in connecting you with today’s eclipse. Solar eclipses are about  supporting us to make some deeper changes by seeing something that has been hidden, in the shadows. If you are not familiar with shadow work, I highly recommend reading and using the exercises in Debbie Ford’s “The Darkside of the Light Chasers” . There is usually something that needs to be let go of.  This process can take from 3-6 months after an eclipse.  May not sound all that fun, but ultimately the awarenesses of what has been blocking the way forward opens one to  know the true self.

Finally, let’s not forget about the Equinox. Thirteen hours after the New Moon Eclipse, the Sun bursts into impulsive Aries, the first sign of the zodiac at 6:45 pm edt. In the U.S., we greet the beginning of Spring. We also have customs and religious holiday during this time of year that speak to preparations for reawakening such as Lent, Easter, Passover and Ostara, the pagan rites of springtime. However, as you get ready to till your soil (prepare your body, mind) and plant your new seeds (intentions), I invite you to contemplate how you can commit to both these two closely tied energies of today — Pisces that encompasses ALL and yearns for completion; and Aries, the self centered initiator that loves a good fight.  Henry Seltzer of Astrograph Astrology shares so well why our society needs to look at these two energies together differently:”Why do we need both a mystical and a hard-nosed and practical, reality-based approach to geimages-3t us through? The logical mental powers that have achieved the glory and the headaches of our materialistic culture will not suffice to allow us to move beyond it. As once, the Great Chain of Being supported our souls, so too do we now need new models of Spirit to support our understanding of our place in history and our path of intentionality to move past our current difficulties on both a personal and a societal level.”

For seeing and understanding these two energies working together, I always find watching the movie, “The Peaceful Warrior” based on the book by Dan Millman so enlightening.

I end with grateful heart and give thanks from the center of my heart for all of you who have been reading my astrology posts. I send you many blessings for a new astrological year and Spring!   – Rev. Annika


“Spring is in the Air” by Rev. Annika




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