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2246534713_a4bfe39480The Full Snow Moon in Leo takes place on February 3, 2015 at 6:09 pm EST, the day after Ground Hog’s Day which marks the midpoint between the winter solstice and spring equinox. This cross quarter day which is really about honoring our earth’s natural cycles is more known to pagans and followers of ancient Gaellic traditions as Imbolc, while Christians also celebrate this point of the year with Candlemas. Whatever your background, most folks who live here, in the Northern Hemisphere, know February 2nd as the day to find out if the groundhog will see his shadow and give us a prediction about the coming of Spring.

Yes, we are at a turning point now…halfway through winter, halfway through the first full cycle of the moon in 2015 (with the first new moon in Aquarius on 1/20) and halfway through this current Mercury retrograde period. Retrograde periods are usually times of introspection and this is a wonderful time to reflect on where you have been and where you want to go.

This Leo Full Moon has a very expansive heart opening signature connected to it, while at the same time challenging us to think in unique creative ways as we come across obstacles and limited ideas. Check-in with yourself to see if your perceptions about who you are and what you are doing with your life are changing. As I talk to the people around me about their lives, I am hearing that many are starting off in new directions, almost as if they have no choice.

Other planetary energies definitely emphasize, this is a key time to listen to your inner yearnings to see what stirs your heart. Also, while you are taking time to listen, review how you are doing with taking care of yourself and those you are in relationship to. Last year from my perspective many folks, myself included went through some “dark night of the soul” experiences that are now being integrated into our lives. 2014 was a more inner year of change. For myself, I was more focused on my own inner transformation and this year, I am so wanting to share my learnings and gifts with others. Yes, 2015 will be more a year of connection and manifestation!

However, the key for all of us, is to dance with the more intuitive side of life right now, to allow new ways of being take root that will last for many years to come. So be patient with yourself. Over the next week find a way to honor your recent learnings especially over the the last 6 weeks and believe that all that you want to accomplish for this new year is getting ready to sprout in the coming new season. If you are not sure how to use your intuition for this exercise, think of ways to connect more with your right side of the brain such as through art, music and nature. At the end of this post, I have included a video for to inspire and support your Full Snow Moon reflection time.

The groundhog who was seeking reprieve from the dark cold winter came out today and danced in the mid-winter’s sun. Yet, upon seeing his shadow he went back into his inner dwellings to continue preparing for the coming Spring season. Be like the groundhog and take time to celebrate where you are in your life — honor what brings you happiness right now and know that there maybe more work to do to integrate what you have learned from past challenges — yet by following and listening to the natural rhythms of life, you will be drawn to what best serves you and those you love. With that have a blessed Valentine’s Day in less than 2 weeks!

Here is a celebration of winter at her finest during last week’s Blizzard of 2015 in Gloucester, MA!


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250px-Horse_gif_sockThe second new moon of January took place yesterday at 4:30 EDT in the sign of Aquarius, officially kicking off Chinese New Year. The first new moon of the month, which was also a super moon fell on our calendar New Year’s Day. What an auspicious beginning to all these new year markings. In my January 1 post, I urged my readers to set practical intentions while setting a slow steady course for implementing new projects. As we enter the Year of the Wood Horse and embark on a new moon cycle in the sign of Aquarius , it is now time to pick up the pace. So take time this weekend to get clear on your direction if you didn’t do this earlier in the month.

Mid-Winter Sunrise

This weekend is the perfect time for reflection and setting a course, for the rest of the year. Mid Winter is also upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, meaning, we are at the half way point between Winter and Spring  Read my blog post of Mid-Winter holidays for more info on the customs and rituals associated with this time.

If you know where the Aquarius New Moon falls in your natal birth chart*, then this is an area of your life you especially want to meditate on. For me, this sun and moon team lands in my 6th house of everyday living in my own birth chart. This tells me, it is a time to pay attention and re-energize my health, my everyday routines such as eating sleeping, work, and exercise. Very important for me considering, I still am on a journey of healing some strange physical challenges.

If you do not know your astrology chart, Aquarius is about change, gaining new perspectives. Here are some questions to ponder and some things to consider for the weekend:

* Are there any places in your own life that you need to be more authentic?

* Is there a pattern in your life that feels old? Ask for some new insights on how to transform or how to re- structure your current situation.

* Are there part of your inner resources, gifts that you have not been using?

* Notice people and situations that feel intense right now. If you are not usually comfortable with strong emotions whether positive or negative then take time to explore your feelings. You may realize you have some unfinished business to attend to or there is something new emerging in your life that is stirring you. A wonderful way to honor and  uplift what is happening in your life right now is to create a symbol (talisman) for your feelings or the situation at hand. Use your creation as a reminder of what you are transforming or possibly what you want more of. (Venus is buddying with Pluto today, 1/31 as she gets ready to move forward. Relationships intensify now. Some will be ignited with passion while other will decide to let go of what has been, yet move forward more easily then in the past.)

unique* Do something unfamiliar this weekend –get out of your normal routine. Think outside the box and do something that you want to do and not what someone else wants. It is a time to be true to yourself!

* Want some new ideas on connecting with your authentic self, here is a book that was just recommended to me: The Gift of Being Oneself.

One final point, Mercury the planet of communications and short range travel will be retrograde from 2/6 through 2/28. So know, during the next month you may be changing your direction as well as the speed in which you travel on your journey. When your communications start breaking down whether in relationships or with technology that supports your communication, this is a message to slow down and review.

Blessings of New Light, New Ideas and Regeneration!

* Note: The New Moon was exact at 11 degrees Aquarius. If you need help with learning your birth chart, you can go to this astrology website: www. astro.com and draw up your own chart. You need to know where you were born and the time you were born. If you need help interpreting your chart, contact me for a reading.

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We have only a week left of Autumn — the shortest day of the year is next Tuesday! Many of our December holy days are the legacy of one of the oldest sacred traditions of the Northern Hemisphere: Winter Solstice. Each year between December 20 and 23, comes the longest night followed by the return of the Sun as it passes from Sagittarius into Capricorn, marking the official beginning of winter. In a sense the Sun is being reborn as it rises from the depths of darkness and the days begin to lengthen once again. In ancient days, it was a time of great rejoicing. Today, we are not as dependent on the sun with our electrical light sources, but many religions and cultures celebrate the light in some way during this holiday season. For more info on the Winter Solstice – http://www.religioustolerance.org/winter_solstice.htm.

For me, as one who is so connected to our natural world, this is one of my favorite holidays. In fact, I will be hosting a gathering at a new venue in Danvers, MA called Human Nature.http://www.healingholistically.com/#/calander-events/4544563465. I hope you can join me for a special time of reflection and celebration if you are in the Boston/Northshore area.

Besides being a minister, I am also an astrologer which has helped me to get in-tuned to our natural earth cycles. As we come close to the end of the year, Mercury is in retrograde — now is the time to repair, review and realign priorities and goals — especially on a soul level, since the new Winter season is about honoring our growing light within. Let go of the old this week, and slow down and take time to re-evaluate your priorities and decide what is worthy of your time and resources. If you don’t take the time now, my guess there will be events that will bring about some changes in your emotional perspective over the next couple of months — for next Monday evening, there will also be a lunar eclipse before the solstice. In a lunar eclipse, the earth blocks the sun rays to the moon temporarily. Metaphorically, we shift our psyche/perspective to get a glimpse of our shadow side that maybe ready to be integrated. If you can’t join us for our winter solstice sacred gathering, make your own ceremony. Winter Solstice events very often include fire ceremonies to help release the old and this year with the lunar eclipse, it will be such a helpful ritual especially if you are feeling overwhelmed with emotions or stress. Here is link that has explains how to create your own fire ceremony — http://life-winds.com/client-resources/ceremony-ritual/fire-ceremony. Afterwards, light a candle and say a prayer for what you want to grow in your life or how you want to shine in the world in the next year. For this part, I leave you with a prayer:

Winter Prayer/Meditation

by Susan Kramer

During lengthening days of light
May our actions be lighthearted
Upon right and noble impulses

During quiet hours beyond dusk, before dawn
May we take time to think over events from the day
Plan for good in the morrow.

In light of day
May we extend our personal borders
Caring and sharing expansively.

So the world glows bright from our presence
May we blaze as beacons of harmony
Lighting the path ahead.

To nurture efforts toward lasting peace
May we with act with kindness to all
Embracing our family and friends wholeheartedly
Ever gracing our world-wide family lightheartedly.

Wishing you a heartlight filled holiday season,
Rev. Annika

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