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This morning’s full moon, invited us to take time this weekend to pause and reflect on where we have been and find a way to honor our accomplishments this past year. Yes, we are almost at the end of the year and I know for many this has been an intense year with a lot of letting go. Energies over the next few weeks continue to point us into making changes in our lives, but for this weekend,  be open to some fun and adventure!

As the Sun in Sagittarius opposes the Moon in Gemini, we are are able to get clarity on some details on what is right in front of us as well as to sense where we want to go in the future. There should be a sense of optimism bubbling for many even if you are in the middle of a challenge or feeling your way through some kind of ending.  In the middle of December, strong energies of change that have been in our midst since June of 2012 come to ahead, once again and will not conclude until the springtime. So during this light hearted full moon cycle, celebrate where you are in your life now and know new expansive energies are supporting you in letting of of what is no longer working to move beyond adverse situations. Ultimately, to bring strong new growth to you, by next Spring.

In the Winter, the natural world slows down. Many of us are disconnected from our earth’s natural cycles and just keep pushing the river. I invite you to find ways to honor what is positive in your life for you now and what possibilities you see. Go inward by taking a fe deep breath, relax your body and  ask yourself what inspires you. Share with someone what ever little spark of enthusiasm comes to you or bring some festivity in your home with holiday lights or candles to honor your inner faith. We are in the season of light — which many religions reflect on over the next few weeks. In a very broad sense, it is to help us remember that even in dark cold time of winter, there is a beautiful warm glow around us! Blessings of light to you all!!

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With the New Moon in Sagittarius taking place at 7:22pm EST on November 3, 2013, it is time to gain some new perspective from all that we learned while going through the depths of Scorpio last month. If you read my post for last month’s New Moon, I shared much about death and rebirth as symbolically portrayed by the “phoenix rising from the ashes”.  This energy actually continues this month since it really is the astrological theme of 2013. It has been a year to let go of old structures to find a new way of being. Speaking of old structures breaking down, did you hear that the Comet ISON has been officially declared “No more“. It has been a confusing few days on what happened to this comet as it passed close by our Earth’s Sun. Many had hopes that right after Christmas, this comet would bring us an amazing light show to our dark winter skies. I feel a little sad that we will not get to see the streaking comet, but  I take it as a message to shine my own inner light more into this world during this holy season!

With this New Moon, you may well still be in the midst of change, but you should be getting a sense of the larger picture.  The “season of light” is upon us as the Winter Solstice approaches. It is getting darker outside, but the light inside is getting brighter in more ways than one. Hanukkah candles are being lit on the menorah in Jewish households this week, while Christian families began lighting Advent candles on Sunday in preparation for Christmas.  And last but not least, the illuminated fiery energies of Sagittarius are helping us see what we have brought forth from our unconscious last month and giving us space to make more changes in our emotional body and align our beliefs to our new awarenesses. Take time to be inspired and uplifted over the next day or so. Set a course to expand into your future. The phoenix is ready to fly and be free in knowing its own truth!

Here is a song by Amy Grant “If I Could See (What the Angels See)” to inspire you and set your intention with this New Moon. Aim your sights high and if you don’t yet know it, use your imagination to envision that you can see, hear and be just like the angels!

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