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The 2nd New Moon in the same sign in a 30 day period is called a Black Moon. Those who believe in the power of magic say this Aquarian New Moon (at the last degree of its sign) is extra potent for bringing things into fruition. It is also a Super Moon with the moon’s path being at its closest point to the Earth. As I suggest every month, during the dark new moon, take time to set your intentions for the next 30 days. Yet, know the next few weeks are also a time of inward contemplation as the Sun entered into the sensitive feeling sign of Pisces, just minutes after the new moon, inspiring us to finish moving through Winter and preparing us for big new Spring plans.

Yes, we are in the midst of hol(i)days that are calling us to get ready for Spring. On Wednesday, Christians began Lent which simply is a preparatory time for Easter. Four years ago, I wrote a blog post about how I create my own rituals for Spring renewal based on my Christian roots and my connection to nature. Today is also Chinese New Year which is a honoring of  new beginnings with the start of Spring in China. Those who celebrate this Chinese custom have spent the last several weeks cleaning their homes, paying debts and making amends to start the Spring season anew! One of the Chinese customs for this holiday is to honor the animal that is a symbol for the new year following Chinese astrology. 2015 is the year of the “Wood Sheep”. It is a year to connect more with the feminine side of life and open up to creativity, beauty and love. A great time to seek solutions to last year’s problems by opening up to new sources of inspiration.

Are you ready to shift to a new way of being? To really start manifesting your dreams? The New Moon is an opening to our future by supporting our connection to something larger than ourselves. To honor Chinese New Year and inspire you during your meditations for the next 2 weeks, I leave you with music from Asian Dreamland:  


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