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blog_goodyear_350The first Full Moon of this new year takes place late tonight at 11:54 pm EST. Even though the moon should be shining brightly if skies are clear, its energies should offer us deep sleep and insightful dreams. However, with holiday vacations coming to an end for many, Monday morning may not be the easiest to get back to work and school schedules. The watery emotional Cancer Full Moon urges us to nurture ourselves, get in touch with feelings and take care of family. So if you can, give yourself the space to ease back into normal routines most of Monday. Know that by taking time to listen to inner stirrings right now will help to resolve past challenges and courage to move forward with a greater sense of purpose.

Look for clues in your dreams tonight, in addition to paying attention to any sudden intuitions on Monday. Know that some of the realizations that you get in touch with now may shake you up a bit — especially if you are now clearly seeing that you need to shift in a new direction in order to move through old beliefs and patterns of behaviors.

This full moon falls so close to the feast day of Epiphany which manstushi_epiphanyy Christians honor to mark the outward appearance of Jesus’s divine nature on January 6. Some Christians say this is reflected in the discovery of the magi by the 3 Kings or wiremen. While more orthodox Christians say this is about Jesus being baptized.

No matter, I would like to offer a more symbolic meaning to this joyous holy day and the current astrological energies. The word “epiphany” also means a sudden flash of understanding or insight. And a baptism is usually associated with water. So I invite you over the next day or so to immerse yourself in water (take a bath or if you are really up for an adventure take a new year’s “polar bear plunge” and afterwards meditate on ways you need to be more empowered in your life: where do you need to let go of fear? what needs to shift for you to be living a more passionate purposeful life? Know the “aha” moments are within you. If a water ritual does not appeal to your senses right now, Cancer energies can also be nurtured through memories, mothering and the comforts of home. So spending time reminiscing about your favorite childhood times or cooking some of your favorite family meals can also open you up to deeper feelings, which will lead you to higher wisdom to integrate all your experiences from 2014. Welcome to 2015!



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