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The longest night of the year is happening right now along  with the dark of the new Capricorn moon; yet it is a turning point — one filled with exciting potential! As with all new moons, it is a time to set new intentions.  Tonight however, reflect not only what you want for the next month, but the whole coming year! For the New Moon takes place at 8:36 pm EST about two and half hours after the Winter Solstice.

Besides the Sun and Moon in Capricorn, the planet Venus, Mercury and the dwarf planet Pluto are all so in this structure loving earth sign. The challenge is not to get too bogged down in the material world.  Yes, do focus on your goals and map out a long term plan. If you are feeling stuck look to the power of love to transform what is not working in your life. I know that may sound  “airy fairy” to some, but Venus, the planet that represent love and is also known by many scholars as the Christmas star is in a very powerful position in the sky right now. So go into the stillness of this darkest night of the year, call on the power of the love and listen to what your heart has to say.

If you don’t believe your heart can speak to you, I urge you to look into HeartMath research later. For now I invite you to use the power of your imagination. First, reflect on what you desire for the coming year and imagine that from your heart, a beautiful golden light is growing within you. As you breath in and out, see this energy expanding throughout your body. Let it move through you gently hugging every part of you.  Feel the warmth of this glowing light in every cell of your body. I like to imagine all my cells doing a kind of happy dance! Once your feel filled up with love begin  to extend it beyond yourself — send it out to your family, friends, your community and the world. Know your love is being of service. It is healing and helping people, places and situations to be their best. When you feel complete with sending your heart energies outward, once again focus on your heart and breath your heart energies close to you, knowing your love is always available to you — to guide you to the highest outcomes. To me, this is what we are here to remember….even in the darkest of times, there is a shining light to be found in everyone and every situation! So I invite you to take time to connect with your own inner light (love) tonight. To help you reflect on this special winter’s night light, I bid you Winter Solstice blessings with this poem:

Winter’s Sun

by Azmat Naushad Asif

There is something about the winter’s sun,
That aspires hope after struggle
The wait for tomorrow after
long cold shivering nights;
is the optimism attached
to the winter’s sun.

There is something about the winter’s sun.
The Florescence of the beaming rays
the calmness of the flowing sunshine:
convinces me about the warmth,
of the winter’s sun

There is something about the winter’s sun.
The tender hugging of the sunbeams
on the exposed numb body:
confirms about the comfort provided
by the winter’s sun

There is something about the winter’s sun.
Those for whom is the winter’s suffering
the warmth of the sun is also for them.
Relieving them that, a part of the
sunshine belongs to them
Of the winter’s sun.



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This morning’s full moon, invited us to take time this weekend to pause and reflect on where we have been and find a way to honor our accomplishments this past year. Yes, we are almost at the end of the year and I know for many this has been an intense year with a lot of letting go. Energies over the next few weeks continue to point us into making changes in our lives, but for this weekend,  be open to some fun and adventure!

As the Sun in Sagittarius opposes the Moon in Gemini, we are are able to get clarity on some details on what is right in front of us as well as to sense where we want to go in the future. There should be a sense of optimism bubbling for many even if you are in the middle of a challenge or feeling your way through some kind of ending.  In the middle of December, strong energies of change that have been in our midst since June of 2012 come to ahead, once again and will not conclude until the springtime. So during this light hearted full moon cycle, celebrate where you are in your life now and know new expansive energies are supporting you in letting of of what is no longer working to move beyond adverse situations. Ultimately, to bring strong new growth to you, by next Spring.

In the Winter, the natural world slows down. Many of us are disconnected from our earth’s natural cycles and just keep pushing the river. I invite you to find ways to honor what is positive in your life for you now and what possibilities you see. Go inward by taking a fe deep breath, relax your body and  ask yourself what inspires you. Share with someone what ever little spark of enthusiasm comes to you or bring some festivity in your home with holiday lights or candles to honor your inner faith. We are in the season of light — which many religions reflect on over the next few weeks. In a very broad sense, it is to help us remember that even in dark cold time of winter, there is a beautiful warm glow around us! Blessings of light to you all!!

2014-12-04 21.56.18

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I spoke about the Winter Solstice in my last astrology post on December’s Full Moon, but it is my most favorite seasonal celebrations, soI thought I would dedicate a whole post to this day just like I did back just before the Winter Solstice in 2010. Back then, I shared much about the history and significance of the shortest day of the year along with some simple rituals to help reflect on the deeper meaning of this event. Since then I have found more information on the spiritual significance of the return of the sun which also ties into the birth of Christ.

Yes, thousands of years ago, our ancestors were more concerned about whether or not the sun would return to bring light for growing crops and such. Today however, we know more about the cycles of the season with our calendars and all, but I ask you are we more intuned with  the cycles of life? Today, most of us don’t grow our own food, but I believe it is important to stay in flow with the messages of the seasons. So, I hope to share with you ways that help me to experience  the inner joy in my heart during the winter season.

Winter Solstice Alter

Winter Solstice Alter

As I think most of you who read my posts know by now, creating ritual is a so much part of my daily living and my work. Yes, I love to create beautiful elaborate alter spaces to honor the seasonal changes. At this time of year, I an lighting advent candles daily and tonight will build a winter fire to honor the return of the Sun in my small fire pit.  Know however, lighting one candle or even beaming a flashlight can help set the tone for tuning into your own winter energies.

Listening to music, especially Celtic songs also help me tune into the more hopeful energies of this dark time of year. A friend of mine who is a Celtic singer recently shared this beautiful piece with called Winter Song.

To me, this time of year is about having faith that there is so much more to life even when we may be surrounded by so much darkness in the outside world. The key is to seek our own inner light (the warmth of our hearts) and  acknowledge this love in others as well. One of the easiest ways for me to see the light and joy in people is to be around children. They are so in the moment and get so excited about the littlest things such as a shiny little rock that most of us adults would fail to notice. What also helps me to bring out my childlike nature during the month of December  is to watch children’s holiday movies. Last night, I watched a children’s movie called The Littlest Light on the Christmas Tree. This movie totally warmed my heart and helped me to remember about believing in my own inner light and  in all mankind!  

Blessings to the Sun and the Light within us all!

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The Full “Cold Moon” takes place at 4:28am EST on December 17, 2013 in the sign of Gemini as it sits opposite the Sun in Sagittarius in our heavens. We are just a few days before the Winter Solstice in the Northern

tumblr_mjeyhshcKv1qhmhdfo1_500Hemisphere when the Sun at this time of year is at its lowest giving energy to this part of the Earth. Yet, this Full Moon is very energetic as it connects with other planetary bodies and charges our skies. This play of dark and light energy reminds me of a quote from the bible: For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God…. 2 Corinthians 4:6. To me, this says that when faced with darkness, in our outer reality, whether it be something fearful or maybe unsettling, than it is time to seek the truth through the light, the love of our own hearts which will reveal the truth!

Are you ready to know the truth? Well, it looks like in the next few days you will receive information that you need to know, if you take the time to listen and receive what you need to know. This Full Moon, with its Gemini and Sagittarius energies is so much about communications. Gemini more wants to convey everyday thoughts where Sagittarius is interested in sharing visions and broader perspective.

UnknownThis Full Moon is asking us to find  greater harmony in understanding our thoughts and individual truths in order to share them with others to serve the greatest good. I’m now thinking of an old Buddhist parable from India, that one of my favorite folks singers, David Roth, made into a song. Five Blind Men helped me see so clearly how easy it is for people to get caught up in their own truth and that it takes someone with a larger view to help us see the whole picture.

Some of the information you receive over the next couple of days may be surprising since Uranus, the planet also known as “The Trickster” or “Geat Awakener” is coming out of retrograde right after the Full Moon. When a planet is retrograde in our skies, energetically it impacts us, humans more on an inner level. Then, when the planet begins its forward motion again, new levels of awareness come into consciousness. Uranus has been retrograde in the sign of Aries since the middle of July, so you may notice some new insights related to an event or situation that what was going on back then. Also know that Aries is a bit fiery, so info coming to you now maybe from someone with a great deal of emotions to share too.

The best way to integrate all the information is to slow down. Just like a computer needs to reboot from time to time, give your mind a chance to let go of old patterns and align with your highest beliefs. As you take time to reflect here are some questions to ask yourself: Are you open to new information or being more open minded? Do you connect with ideas and people that inspire you to broaden your views? Do you seek out new adventures to learn more about who you are?

If you are knocked over by new insights and not sure what to do with them. Acknowledge this fact. Set intentions that you will receive the help you need to move in the direction of your overall truth. Give yourself time to be flexible and integrate where you see more change needed in your life. Be compassionate toward yourself and those around you who are being unpredictable at the moment. Also with all the holiday events going on, don’t forget to celebrate all that you have learned about yourself and who you really are over the last 6-12 months!

Wishing everyone a light filled Winter Solstice!

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With the New Moon in Sagittarius taking place at 7:22pm EST on November 3, 2013, it is time to gain some new perspective from all that we learned while going through the depths of Scorpio last month. If you read my post for last month’s New Moon, I shared much about death and rebirth as symbolically portrayed by the “phoenix rising from the ashes”.  This energy actually continues this month since it really is the astrological theme of 2013. It has been a year to let go of old structures to find a new way of being. Speaking of old structures breaking down, did you hear that the Comet ISON has been officially declared “No more“. It has been a confusing few days on what happened to this comet as it passed close by our Earth’s Sun. Many had hopes that right after Christmas, this comet would bring us an amazing light show to our dark winter skies. I feel a little sad that we will not get to see the streaking comet, but  I take it as a message to shine my own inner light more into this world during this holy season!

With this New Moon, you may well still be in the midst of change, but you should be getting a sense of the larger picture.  The “season of light” is upon us as the Winter Solstice approaches. It is getting darker outside, but the light inside is getting brighter in more ways than one. Hanukkah candles are being lit on the menorah in Jewish households this week, while Christian families began lighting Advent candles on Sunday in preparation for Christmas.  And last but not least, the illuminated fiery energies of Sagittarius are helping us see what we have brought forth from our unconscious last month and giving us space to make more changes in our emotional body and align our beliefs to our new awarenesses. Take time to be inspired and uplifted over the next day or so. Set a course to expand into your future. The phoenix is ready to fly and be free in knowing its own truth!

Here is a song by Amy Grant “If I Could See (What the Angels See)” to inspire you and set your intention with this New Moon. Aim your sights high and if you don’t yet know it, use your imagination to envision that you can see, hear and be just like the angels!

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We have only a week left of Autumn — the shortest day of the year is next Tuesday! Many of our December holy days are the legacy of one of the oldest sacred traditions of the Northern Hemisphere: Winter Solstice. Each year between December 20 and 23, comes the longest night followed by the return of the Sun as it passes from Sagittarius into Capricorn, marking the official beginning of winter. In a sense the Sun is being reborn as it rises from the depths of darkness and the days begin to lengthen once again. In ancient days, it was a time of great rejoicing. Today, we are not as dependent on the sun with our electrical light sources, but many religions and cultures celebrate the light in some way during this holiday season. For more info on the Winter Solstice – http://www.religioustolerance.org/winter_solstice.htm.

For me, as one who is so connected to our natural world, this is one of my favorite holidays. In fact, I will be hosting a gathering at a new venue in Danvers, MA called Human Nature.http://www.healingholistically.com/#/calander-events/4544563465. I hope you can join me for a special time of reflection and celebration if you are in the Boston/Northshore area.

Besides being a minister, I am also an astrologer which has helped me to get in-tuned to our natural earth cycles. As we come close to the end of the year, Mercury is in retrograde — now is the time to repair, review and realign priorities and goals — especially on a soul level, since the new Winter season is about honoring our growing light within. Let go of the old this week, and slow down and take time to re-evaluate your priorities and decide what is worthy of your time and resources. If you don’t take the time now, my guess there will be events that will bring about some changes in your emotional perspective over the next couple of months — for next Monday evening, there will also be a lunar eclipse before the solstice. In a lunar eclipse, the earth blocks the sun rays to the moon temporarily. Metaphorically, we shift our psyche/perspective to get a glimpse of our shadow side that maybe ready to be integrated. If you can’t join us for our winter solstice sacred gathering, make your own ceremony. Winter Solstice events very often include fire ceremonies to help release the old and this year with the lunar eclipse, it will be such a helpful ritual especially if you are feeling overwhelmed with emotions or stress. Here is link that has explains how to create your own fire ceremony — http://life-winds.com/client-resources/ceremony-ritual/fire-ceremony. Afterwards, light a candle and say a prayer for what you want to grow in your life or how you want to shine in the world in the next year. For this part, I leave you with a prayer:

Winter Prayer/Meditation

by Susan Kramer

During lengthening days of light
May our actions be lighthearted
Upon right and noble impulses

During quiet hours beyond dusk, before dawn
May we take time to think over events from the day
Plan for good in the morrow.

In light of day
May we extend our personal borders
Caring and sharing expansively.

So the world glows bright from our presence
May we blaze as beacons of harmony
Lighting the path ahead.

To nurture efforts toward lasting peace
May we with act with kindness to all
Embracing our family and friends wholeheartedly
Ever gracing our world-wide family lightheartedly.

Wishing you a heartlight filled holiday season,
Rev. Annika

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